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At Arroweye, we believe there is a sweet spot where innovation, agility and efficiency can blend nicely together. We have uniquely developed a game-changing on-demand technology platform for card marketers and issuers where any degree of design and customization is possible. And to sweeten the deal, it comes at a lower cost than traditional card models. Founded with an entrepreneurial culture, we have brought together the best team of experts who have the drive to innovate and the commitment to help our clients grow. The results are clear when you partner with Arroweye – increase programs’ speed to market, adoption rates and profitability.

These are the unique elements we employ for each client we work with. This is who we are. This is Arroweye.


Founder's Story

Arroweye Solutions Co-Founder and CIO Brian Huse tell the story of how Arroweye evolved from a greeting card company to printing digital on-demand, personalized gift, credit and debit cards.


Our History

In 1999, company founder Doron Friedman, who at the time owned a bagel shop in Santa Barbara, California, received a box of chocolates as a gift that contained no personalized note inside, with no way of telling who had sent them. Doron took this opportunity and made it a vision to offer a more personal and scalable gifting experience. Partnering with Ajay Singhvi, who started his own IT software company, and Brian Huse, who specialized in network design and distributed printing, Arroweye Solutions was born!

The company instantly made its mark by pioneering the first-ever on-demand printing technology that enables the high degree of customization, production and fulfillment of gift cards and carriers.

In 2009, Arroweye entered the open loop industry by becoming the first Visa® certified, fully-digital provider of payment cards enabling new growth opportunities. Today, approved by MasterCard®, American Express® and Discover®, Arroweye’s on-demand solution continues to power some of the largest prepaid, credit/debit card programs in the financial and card services industries.

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